178. (March 19, 2019): Rajkali frees herself from moneylender and prospers through her SHG

Rajkali has freed herself from moneylender and defeated poverty of her family after through wisdom and hard work after joining SHG under RGMVP. She was very poor before coming into SHG. She comes from a Scheduled Caste social category.  She is a member of Rachna SHG in Kanhpur village of Salon block. She is landless. However, today she is a farmer by cultivating one bigha of land taken on batai(lease).

SHG paved her way forward. She took a loan from SHG and invested in income-generating activities. For her, SHG became the Bank. She availed a cumulative loan of Rs.1.5 lakh from SHG as under:

  1. Rs 30, 000 for the purchase of a buffalo and starting dairy activity. The activity multiplied and now she has three buffaloes.
  1. Rs 20, 000 for the purchase of goats and starting a goat-rearing activity. She has sold goats worth more than Rs 60, 000 so far and at present, she has 10 goats with her, which she is rearing.
  1. Rs 10, 000 for the purchase of fodder cattle and inputs for agriculture.
  1. Rs 15, 000 again for the purchase of goats and expanding her goat rearing activity.
  1. Rs 40, 000 for repayment of old debt of moneylender.

She has fully repaid the loans taken from the SHG. She has small kuchha house in the village and now her next step will be to take financial assistance for house construction.

From the income generated out of cultivation, the sale of milk and goat rearing the family has come out of poverty and family members are living a happy life. She is an illiterate housewife but she provided education to all four children. Her story is the story of transformation. She gives much weight for success to her SHG, which is running well.

CS Pandey and P S Mohanan, 19 March 2019