Rajkumari is a member of Maha Laxmi self-help group, in Pure Dayal Village, of Sangrampur Block, Amethi District. She joined her SHG in 2008. She belongs to the category of Schedule Caste.

“When I recall my prior conditions, I can’t control the tears in my eyes. The condition of my family was miserable. I lived in a small hut, which was so small that all of our family members couldn’t fit in. We were looked down upon because of our caste. The only form of livelihood was to work on daily wages. There were days where they were no income, we used to sleep without eating anything.”

It was in 2008 when Rajkumari joined Maha Laxmi self-help group. Through her involvement in SHG, she received training in Agriculture and other livelihood activities. She learned how to make 18 days compost, jeevamrit.

SHG did not only provide her with information but also gave her financial support. Rajkumari took money from her SHG for the following purposes –

  1. Rs 2000 – Purchased a Goat
  2. Rs 20,000 – Purchased a Cow
  3. Rs 10,000 – Purchased a Buffalo
  4. Rs 30,000 – Building her House
  5. Rs 5000 – For agricultural purposes
  6. Rs 18000 – For children education

“The woman who did not like to talk to me earlier, now come to me to teach them, that is what I gained from my Self-help group. I gained respect, and most importantly empowerment.”

Nilesh and Sara