She is Rajpata, member of Ma Kamakhya SHG in Kudara village of Mawai block in Faizabad district. There are eight members in this poor family having just one bigha land; Her SHG is 6 years old. Her husband and 2 sons were working as labour. Her husband and two sons were working as labour and their daily wages were the source of income for the family. They used to depend on moneylender for emergency financial needs. Rajpata, through her SHG could change her status as a woman and also the economic condition of her family. After coming in the group, she borrowed Rs 31,000 from her group on 3 occasions as under:

  1. Rs 5000 for treatment. Had she not joined SHG, she would have borrowed money from a moneylender at a very high rate of interest.
  2. Rs 6000 for education of children
  3. Rs 20,000 for purchase of goats. At present she is having 10 goats. So far she has sold goats worth more than Rs 40,000

From the sale proceeds of goats, she has opened a small parchoon shop (provision), which her husband is managing. From these two income-generating activities, there is considerable increase in the financial condition of the family. She has repaid fully the loan with interest. Now she is planning to purchase a pushcart for her son for selling chowmine (noodles) and other items related to chat business. Rajpata is an illiterate woman but after joining the group she has become frank and fearless. She has 6 children (2 daughters and 4 sons) and all are educated except the eldest daughter who could not go to school because of poverty.   Family members are happy. This happiness of the family and its financial condition will further increase after starting the proposed chat business. SHG of Rajpata is running well.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, February 2019