Rajrani belongs to a poorest of poor dalit family in Kurha village of Chattoh block in Amethi district. She is a member of Mansa Devi SHG. She had one biga land, which was not cultivated due to lack of resources. It was eventually mortgaged to a moneylender.

She has taken three loans from SHG, Rs 10, 000 for releasing her land from clutches of moneylender, Rs 7, 000 for agricultural inputs and Rs 45, 000 for starting a grocery shop. She started cultivating her land generating income. Now she is self-dependent in agriculture, especially in cereal and other crop cultivation. Her shop is also a very good alternate earning source about of Rs. 250-300 per day.

Apart from economic development, she has broken many life barriers after joining SHG. She can now go to the bank and is able to talk to the manager with out fear, which she had thought she would never be able to do. She has developed her communication skills and can motivate other women. She can now have freely and friendly interactions with upper cast families. She had taken lead in getting undone a wrong-doing by a man in the village in the family of another SHG woman. She and her team have got a land registry amended, which was wrongly done by the man. This man has three sons and he got his land registered in the name of one son, denying the share of other two sons and their wives. One of the sons was the husband of an SHG member. This woman raised the issue in the SHG and sought help of other women. The women of SHGs in the village, under the leadership of Rajrani made pressure on this family for rectification of the registry. And they succeeded. Thus the husband of the SHG member got his rightful share thanks to the initiative of the women. Rajrani is highly empowered.

K S Yadav and P S Mohanan, February 2019