59. Ramdulary: The Woman with the diary

Ramdulari from Mavai village in Badokar Khurd block in Banda district in Bundelkhand belonged to a very poor family of Scheduled Caste community. She had basic education only up to 8th class. But today she is the most empowered woman not only in the village but also throughout the block, very well known and providing leadership for empowering women like her in villages. She joined SHG in the year 2013. SHG gave her strength to take many bold decisions in life. She used to be much harassed by the drinking habits of her husband. Her first one was to give a complaint to the police about her alcoholic husband who was giving her constant trouble, when all other efforts by her to de-addict him failed. The police put him in the jail for one night, which was a lesson to him not to harass his wife any more. He became sober after that incident and gradually discontinued drinking. Today he is a changed man and supporting RGMVP as a Community Volunteer along with his wife.  Ramdulari learned stitching by herself and started contributing to feeding the family of eight members by doing stitching work. The family had half biga land and she took loan of Rs. 2000 initially to cultivate it. She also took loans of Rs. 20,000 each on two more occasions to improve their house and educating her children. Her elder son is now married and she is sending her daughter in law to the pre-degree course. She has counseled her not to have children immediately and continue studies.  She also got an opportunity to participate an all India educational tour the Jagruti Yatra. She is truly empowered! She keeps a diary with her and records all particulars of the SHGs she visits and she has been doing this since 2014. She is known as the “woman with diary”.

P S Mohanan, January 2019