This story is a story of Ram Kali who is a member of Azadi Self help group in Jothupur GP of Shahabad block in Hardoi district. Ramkali broke all the norms and created an employment opportunity for her husband.

Ramkali came from a very poor family, with 2 daughters, a son and her husband; she did not have enough resources to meet the needs of her family, due to which her family used to suffer at the hands of poverty, Her husband used to work in the fields, but there was not enough money to cultivate. Money was taken as a loan from the moneylenders at a high interest rate. The entire income generated from the fields was utilized in paying the interest, The financial conditions of the family were not good.

In 2017, Ramkali joined Azadi self-help group, she got to know about it from other women in her village. She became the president of both her SHG and Village Organization. With regular meetings, facilitated discussion and training Ramkali gained confidence and information on various topics like Health, Nutrition, and Agriculture.

After joining the SHG Ram Kali took money from her SHGs on various occasions –

1. Rs 10000 for Cane cultivation
2. Rs 50000 for E- Rickshaw

From the money that she gets from E-Rickshaw, she uses it for her family purposes. The daily income from the E-Rickshaw is around Rs 500- Rs 600. She created an employment opportunity for her husband. Now, the financial condition of her family has improved. Children go to school, and there is enough income to meet their daily needs.

“I thank the day I joined my self-help group, it changed my life for the better, I don’t have to go to any moneylender now; I have gained both confidence and respect, I would recommend every woman from my village to join SHG.”

Ankit and Sara