78. Ramlali – The Seed Agent 

Ramlali, is a member of Vishnu Swayam Sahayta Samooh in Sangipur Block. Currently, she works as Community Program Management Team member for RGMVP (CPM) in Amethi District. She has been a part of the self-help group since 2009.

“It has been around 10 years that I’ve been a part of the self-help group, earlier I had no knowledge regarding anything as I was illiterate never been to any school and now through the help of my SHG, I have reached at a platform where I am a leader and work as CPM (Community Program Management Team Member), becoming a CPM wasn’t easy.  Earlier I worked as Community Resource Development Institute Member (CRDI), in Agriculture. I’ve created a lot of SHGs, and been to Banaras to mobilize women to make their own SHGs.”

After joining the SHG, Ramlali has taken loans from her SHG 4-5 times. In the first time she took a loan of 5000 rs, from which she purchased a Cow. Later, she took 3000 rs for purchasing a goat. She again took 10,000 for her boy’s education. 20,000 rs for debt swapping. Her 3 children are studying right now, all of them go to school.

“Earlier, I used to take money from the moneylenders at the rate of interest was very high and since I was uneducated I was not aware about the working of the banks, I was scared to go to banks, but now all the bank officials know me.”

Through the intervention of RGMVP, Ramlali has also been a part of the Informal Seed System, She does not only sow seed, but now herself is a seed producer.

“I took 25,000 rs and purchased a land on my own name. I’m also a seed producer of F1 variety. Earlier, I did not even know that any universities exist. Now, I have even gone to a university in Kanpur. Through the help of my Self Help Group I have learned things that I did not even know existed in the first place. Never had I thought that an uneducated girl like me could become a leader. I’m thankful to my SHG for giving me the confidence and helping me break all barriers, I will continue to be a part of the SHG till the end of my life, and would recommend other women to do the same.

Sara Saad