Ranjana is a member of Maa Ganga self-help group in Bahai village of Lalganj block in Amethi district. She joined her SHG in 2009. Right now she is the president of her group. Ten years in the group, she has transformed herself into a person who is now confident, independent and empowered.

Earlier Ranjana had very little information, as she was confined to the four walls of her house. Not being educated added to her misery. Her in-laws and husband were the only one she used to interact with. She had no source of livelihood.

Apart from financial instability she also was unaware of her rights and entitlements. After joining the SHG, she acquired knowledge on various issues of maternal, neonatal health, nutrition, family planning, sustainable agriculture and livelihood, financial inclusion etc.

Ranjana took money from her SHG on various occasions –
Rs 15,000 for opening a wooden furniture shop (almirah and furniture) for her husband
Rs 15,000 for the marriage of her sister in law
Rs 2000 for the education of her children
Rs 30,000 for purchasing a buffalo
Rs 8000 for construction of a house
She repaid all the money back by selling milk and from the income that was generated from the shop.

“Currently, all 3 of my children are studying in school, I have knowledge on various issues of health and nutrition along with agriculture. I not only step out of my house but also talk to bank officials. From being a woman who was so shy that she only interacted with her family members, I have now been transformed into a person who now talks with Bank officials. I have more than 1 source of livelihood. All by the support of my SHG.”

Dhirendra and Sara Saad