87. Rina becomes a Social Capital

Rina is a member of Varsha SHG in Pothai Village in Deeh block, Amethi. She even remembers by heart the date on which she joined SHG viz. 26 July 2007. This 8th class studied woman belonged to a poor household. She joined the SHG stealthily with the knowledge of her husband or male members in the household, as she knew that they would not permit her. After joining, she started taking her mother-in law also to the group meeting.  The SHG savings per head in 2007 was Rs. 20 per month. When the family wanted cash to buy from fertilizer for cultivation, she disclosed in consultation with her mother-in-law that she was a member of SHG and could arrange Rs. 500 if needed. The surprised male members agreed and she took loan of Rs. 500 from the group. They had just 18 biswa of land.  Having thus secured the approval of the family, she took another loan of Rs. 10,000 and purchased a pump set for irrigation. Subsequently, when the family needed Rs. 20, 000 to set up a shop to be managed by for one of the brothers of her husband, she helped by borrowing the same from the group. She also took a loan of Rs. 40, 000 for taking land on mortgage for cultivation. Her last loan was Rs. 60, 000 for her husband to start floriculture in Delhi. In the meantime, she rose up higher as a social capital.  She now owns three cows out of which one is yielding milk. She has come out of poverty. Her four children, two boys and two girls are studying. The elder boy is studying for BA while one of the daughters is in the Inter and the other is in 10th class. The youngest is in seventh class. Her ambition is to educate the children as much as they want.  During the SHG process, she developed her leadership qualities. She had joined the group of women who went to Andhra Pradesh for exposure and thus became an Internal Community Resource Person of RGMVP. Currently she is a Community Resource Development Team member and providing services in the Chattoh block, Amethi.

P S Mohanan, January 2019