68. Rita – YWSHG showed me the right path

Name – Rita

Age – 20 years

YWSHG – Razia Yuwa Mahila Swayam Sahayta Samooh

Block – Jagdishpur

District – Amethi

Rita become a part of her Young Woman Self Help Group (YWSHG) in 2014. It has been 5 years that she has been associated with it. During the course of her association she received information on various topics like menstrual health and hygiene, rights and entitlements, leadership, skill development and self-defence.

“Before joining the YWSHG I was not aware about basic things like pads. I used to use cloth without knowing the consequences of it, I did not know that a thing like family planning exists, for me it was that it’s a god’s gift, and menstruation was a nature’s call.”

After joining the YWSHG, “I learned about things that were not even taught to me in school. Since, I couldn’t complete my education due to financial crisis at home, YWSHG became like my school and learning institution. It was through the platform of YWSHG that I learned about family planning and menstruation. Now, I go to chemist shop and get my own pads.”

Rita lost her mother at a young age, her second mother married off her elder daughter (Rita’s elder sister) at a household that did not treat her well. She got divorced and came back home. “After my sister’s incident I have decided that I will take my own decisions for myself, I will decide who to marry, when to marry and how many kids do I want. None is going to do that for me. YWSHG has given me enough confidence and leadership qualities that now I can take my own stand”

Sara Saad