72. Ruksana: Coming out of Poverty

Ruksana is a member of Suhabna Self-Help Group and lives in Usawan block of Badaun district. She narrated how before joining the group, the situation of her family was not good and they were living in extreme poverty and her husband too was unemployed. She was even skeptical to join the group.

‘When we were first asked to join the group, we thought it as a Ponzi scheme as it was difficult to trust. But once we were told that the group is for us and it is for taking us out of poverty, then slowly the trust in SHG was built and we started doing small savings.’

Ruksana has taken loans from SHG several times. She took a loan of Rs. 3000 and purchased a goat and she further took a loan of Rs.3000 and bought a cotton making machine which she uses to make the quilt. She further took a loan of Rs. 5000 and expanded her business of making quilts. Ruksana’s family situation has improved and there is a permanent source of income. She successfully repaid all her loans. She is happy and confident with the fact that it is not just her who is involved in various livelihoods activities but her husband is also involved in income generating activities and they help each other for the family to grow. She has five children, 4 sons, and 1 daughter and her daughter has completed her B.A and all her sons are involved in a family’s livelihood activity of making quilts. As Ruksana is slowly coming out of poverty, she inspires other members to be involved in livelihood activity and improve their family’s situation.

Dipanshu and Alokita, January 2019