Smt Sakeelun Nisha, a minority community Bahan belongs to DevasarifSHG, Shakshhi Village Organization of  Pavitra Block federation of SHGs in Amethi block of Amethi district. After joining SHG, she is quite empowered socially and economically.

She had taken loans from SHGs ten times for various purposes. Ten times! First loan of  Rs 5000 for SilaiMachine, which gave her earning of about Rs 300 per day. The second loan of Rs 2000 for opening Silai school, in which she enrolled 10 students with a fee of Rs 200 per student per month. The third loan was of Rs 2000 for the education of her son. Forth loan was Rs 10, 000, taken for roofing of her house. Fifth loan Rs 15, 000 for starting a grocery shop, earning more than Rs 5000  per month. The sixth loan was Rs 7, 000 again for the education of son, the seventh loan was Rs 5, 000 for treatment of her daughter, eight loans Rs 2, 000 for egg shop, with an earning of about Rs 2, 000 month. Ninth loan Rs 5, 000 for the purchase of a bicycle and tenth loan Rs 2, 000 for her husband who had gone to Mumbai for a job.

She has developed her leadership qualities. First, she became Samooh Sakhi then a Meeting Sakhi and now Internal Social Capital for health messaging. She is also a treasurer of her village organization.

KS Yadav, February 2019