76. Sarojni Devi’s – Story of Change 

I am Sarojini Devi of Bhevai village in Bhader block of Amethi district. I am a now a small business entrepreneur in my village. I run a provision store, a vegetable shop and I have a milch cow at home.  I can say that I am the major contributor to the economic necessities of our family.

My transformation from a shy village woman to an entrepreneur was the result of my joining the SHG in my Village in the year 2009. Before that I was like any other woman in the village, not allowed even to step out of the home. Women were considered as worth for only household cores and suffering. My husband was unemployed.  We did not have any land also worth for cultivation. Because of lack of resources and as we were not able to make two ends meet, there used to be daily quarrel, uneasiness and extreme suffering in my life.  It was during this period some women from RGMVP came to our village and started organizing women in to SHGs.  That was a turning point. The group gave me strength and I started to think what I could do to improve my condition as well as our family condition. I took a loan of Rs. 8000 and started a small provision store. I regularly took small amounts from the group as working capital to expand my shop. I also took loan from group for buying a cycle, a TV and a milch cow. I also started a vegetable shop, again with loan from my group. Now both my shops are running well and I earn a minimum Rs. 300- 350 per day from these businesses. I now feel good and get appreciation in the family and in the society.

By Ajay, Amethi, January 2019