Empowerment! Meet Satyawati, the Village Girl

Satywati, 20 years of age joined the Prachi Yuwa Mahila Swayam Sahayta Samooh in the year 2016. She comes from the village of Mubarakpur, Block Bachrawa.

Satywati aspires to complete her education and achieve her long lost dream of being a Teacher. She benefited a lot from her participation in YWSHG, as she learned a lot of things from it, from information on menstrual health to self-defense and family planning. She has acquired them all. She is so much satisfied with her YWSHG that she made her mother’s SHG too. “I want my mother to benefit from the SHG as much as I did, so I created her SHG with the help of other women from the village

Satywati said that she realized the importance of her YWSHG when she was once coming back from the field, and a boy stopped her way and started talking inappropriately. He tried to force himself on her, that’s when the Self-defence techniques that she learned from her YWSHG came to her rescue. “I kicked him hard at his weak point with my leg, and punched him on his face with my fist, and ran away”.

Since then, that boy never looks back at her, and whenever she crosses the road he keeps his eyes down.

When asked about her plans on getting married, she said she would marry whenever she is ready and has stood on her own feet, she doesn’t want to depend on anyone and wants to be self-sufficient. “I would only marry when I earn and have a small family of 2 children”. She said a small family is a Happy Family. When asked further, of what if her husband wants more children? She promptly replied “It’s my body and only I have the right to make decisions regarding it”

“I want to learn more and motivate other girls in YWSHG so that they could fight for their rights”

Sara Saad