Savita is a member of Sitla women self-help group from the Raipur Mehri village in Rahi Block, Rarebareli district. She joined her SHG in March 2016. She is the treasurer of her group.

Earlier, She did not know that something like a self-help group exists, she joined the self-help group after a woman came in her village and told her the benefits of forming an SHG. She joined the SHG with her mother in law.

It is after being a part of the SHG, that Savita came to know about topics like maternal, neonatal health, agriculture, and livelihood, rights, and entitlements etc. It was the first time that she stepped out of her house. “I came to know about so many things, I learned about various aspects of maternal health and how important it is. Right now, I voluntarily work as Meeting Sakhi. I give information relating to health not only to my SHG members but also my family members.”

Apart from information, I also took money out of my SHG for the following activities –

Rs 10,000 and opened a shop of wood

Rs 20,000 and invested in the wood shop

Rs 20,000 for building a house

Rs 50,000 for expanding the wood shop.

Right Now, her 2 children are studying in the school, the income of her house increased because of joining SHG and the investment she made, she now goes out of the house to different blocks and forms SHGs. She has been to the bank and now doesn’t hesitate to talk to anyone. All because of her SHG. She is now empowered both socially and economically.

Sara Saad