65. Savita now has multiple sources of Livelihood 

Name – Savita Kushwaha

SHG – Laxmi Swayam Sahayta Samooh

Village – Rampur

Block – Kaudihaar

District – Prayagraj

Savita became the secretary of Laxmi SHG in January 2013. The financial and social conditions of her family were not good.

“After joining the SHG, I got an opportunity to visit Amethi. After coming back from Amethi I worked as a Community Volunteer (CV) in my block.”

Initially, Savita took out 20000 Rs from her SHG and purchased a cow she repaid the amount in 2 years. Later, she took out 40,000 Rs and kept 1 bigha land for mortgage. She repaid the amount in a year, and then again took 70,000 rs and opened a beauty parlour.

“Right now I have 3 sources of livelihood, I also teach the women of my villages how to stitch and sew, and the monthly income of my family right now is 12000-15000. I get around 2000-3000 from selling cow’s milk, another 2-3 thousand from vegetable cultivation, and 6-8 thousand from my shop”

There are 13 members in her SHG, Every month the saving of SHG is around 2600 rs, the total corpus of the SHG is 189800, and the total interest is 46483 Rs.

Not only the people of her village but also of nearby villages know her. “Before joining the SHG I never imagined my life would change so drastically, it’s like I’m living my dream, I will be a part of my SHG till I’m alive.”