Savita is a member of Bhole Baba self help group, of Balipur Village, Rahi Block, District Raebareli. She has been a part of the group since 2004.

Being a part of the SHG, she has gained new ideas and learnt new skills. Savita quotes “I was not valued in my family, I was always kept under the veil, I was only allowed to do the household chores and look after my children. No one trusted SHG, I joined it secretly.”

“After joining the SHG, I borrowed Rs 10,000 for installing proper irrigation system in my field, which benefitted my family in a lot of ways. It is only after that that my family understood the importance of my SHG. After that there was no stopping. I took Rs 10,000 and cultivated peppermint, which gave me a profit of Rs 25000. I took Rs 50,000 and purchased a buffallo. I also took Rs 1 lakh from my group and got my husband a second hand alto car. He now works as a driver and has his own taxi. I again took Rs 60,000 for installing a tubewell.”

Savita completed her Bachelors in Economics after being a part of SHG. She is also a seed producer, she actively participated in the Informal Seed System Project. In the previous year she produced 250 kgs of wheat and 50 kgs of paddy.

“I sell the seeds at Rs 22-25 per kg. I’ve also been to kanpur unviersity. Earlier, I did not even know that universities exist. SHG gave me a paltform to grow and learn new skills and techniques. Now, I’m out of poverty. Have more than 2 sources of livelihood. All my children are admitted in good schools. I’m thankful to my SHG, for giving me an identity and confidence to work. I go to banks, talk with the officials without any hesiatation I served as a Bank Sakhi, CPM and CRDI health. All thanks to my SHG.”

– Sara