Savitri is a successful member of Saraswati SHG in Piparpur village of Bhadar block in Amethi district. There are seven members in her family, consisting of her husband, wife, four daughters, and a son. Her SHG was formed in 2005. Savitri was very poor and landless before joining SHG. After coming into the group, her status has undergone tremendous change.  She started gaining confidence in herself and realizing her capabilities as a woman. From her SHG, she has taken the following loans:

  1. Rs 20, 000 for a purchase of one milch cow. Thus the family started dairy activity as a livelihood. Apart from the milk getting from the cow purchased from the financial support of SHG, she started an enterprise of collecting and selling milk from nearby villages. At present, she has four cows out of which two are in producing milk and remaining two cows are pregnant. She is collecting and selling milk on an average 100 liters with a daily turn over of Rs 2500.
  2. Rs 50, 000 for the purchase of one bigha of agricultural land for cultivation. Now she has her own land. She is a successful farmer and practices her learning from SHGs.
  3. Rs 10, 000 for leveling and development of the land purchased with a loan from SHG.
  4. Rs 20, 000 for construction of the house and by now two rooms are ready in which the family is residing. She will gradually complete her house. She has repaid the entire loan.

Savitri is educated up to 5th class. However, has prospered through SHGs. Her transformation from a hapless woman to an entrepreneur, landless to owning one bigha of land, from kuchha home to pucca home was incredible. Her journey of success through SHG has also helped her to develop her leadership qualities. Presently she is the president of Nari Azad Mahila Block Sangthan of SHGs in Bhadar block, helping and guiding other SHGs. Her all four daughters and the only son are educated. The eldest daughter is married after completing graduation. Now the family is out of poverty and Saraswsti SHG is running very well. Savitri gives entire credit of her empowerment and prosperity to her SHG.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, 18 March 2019