Seema Rising from her Struggles

Name – Seema

Self Help Group – Jai Maa Durga Swayam Sahayta Samooh

Block – Musafirkhana

District – Amethi

Seema comes from a family of 3 children, husband, and an orphan girl she considers her daughter. She has faced a lot of hardships in her life, from being married at an age of 15, to being homeless and being kicked out of her in laws house, to living in a cow shed along with her 3 children and husband, she has seen a lot.

“When I got married, I had to look after my brother in laws who were very small (3-4 years of age), I nurtured them and became a foster parent to them though I myself was very young (15 years), but when they grew up and got married they kicked me and my husband out of the house. I had 3 children at that point of time. I became homeless, and lived under a cow shed for months”

She joined the SHG in 2008 when a woman came to make it in the village. She borrowed 30,000 from her SHG, to make a house of her own. She repaid that amount back in 2 years with the help of her husband who works at Tehsil office. After that, she also took Rs 20,000 for her children education. Currently, 1 of her son is in Kuwait, while the other one works in the village. She borrowed Rs 50,000 for sending her son to Kuwait. Right now, she has paid Rs 30,000. 20,000 Rs are still remaining.

“The amount of hardships I have seen in my life, I pray no one ever sees it. Through the help of my SHG I’ve gained a lot. It’s only because of the SHG that I have a house of my own or else I would still be living under the cow shed”

Sara Saad