Shail Kumari is a member of 786 women self-help group from the Mau village in Rahi Block, Rarebareli district. She joined her SHG in March 2013. She is the treasurer of her group.

Shail Kumari says before joining the self-help group she was not valued in the family, no one used to listen to her, and she did not step out of the house. “I thought this is how normal society works, As teenage girls this is what has always been taught to us, to listen to whatever other says, to never argue etc, I accepted this as my fate until I joined SHG.”

It is after being a part of the SHG, that Shail Kumari learned about rights and entitlements. It was the first time that she stepped out of her house, and interacted with people.  Since then, there has been no stopping by.

“I came to know about so many things, I learned about health, nutrition, agriculture, livelihood, financial inclusion. Right now, I voluntarily work as Internal Social Capital (ISC) in RGMVP. I give information relating to health not only to my SHG members but also to other people of my village as well as my family members.”

Apart from information, I also took money out of my SHG for the following activities –

Rs 10,000 for opening a grocery shop.

Rs 20,000 and invested in expanding the shop.

Right Now, she is planning to take more amount to purchase a cow. As of now, her 2 children are studying in the school, the son studies in 12th class and the daughter in 6th. Everyone in her family is happy with her, and now they don’t stop her to go anywhere. She is now an empowered woman who takes her own decision.

Sara Saad