Shamim Fatma is a successful woman of Shahid Baba SHG in Mohanganj village of Tiloi block in Amethi district. She belonged to a very poor and landless family. There are six members of this family. Husband knows motor driving and he was working as a temporary driver. SHG of Shamim is running for the last eight years. How SHGs could pave the economic empowerment of its members can be seen from the progress made by Shamim through her SHG. After joining the group, she availed cumulative assistance of Rs 1.51 lakh from her group on six occasions for different activities as under:

  1. Rs 1000 for medical purpose
  2. Rs 2000 for the purchase of goats
  3. Rs 20000 for the purchase of a cow
  4. Rs 8000 to send her son to a driving school and obtain a driving license
  5. Rs 50000 for the purchase of a second-hand commander jeep for custom hiring
  6. Rs 70000 for the purchase of second hand Maximo 4-wheeled vehicle.

She has given both the above vehicles to a school on hire for transportation of children, earning Rs 20000 & Rs15000 per month. Her husband and eldest son were both working as drivers until the son left for Saudi Arabia after completing his BA.

The transformation in Shamim is striking. She was not allowed to go out of the home before she joined SHG. That has changed. Now she can move freely anywhere for attending meetings, training, and social work. Her second son has studied up to 10th while the daughters have left the school after 8th. She has been counseled by RGMVP facilitators to encourage them to continue their education. The family is out of poverty, but they are still living in a rented house on a monthly rent of Rs 1800 pm. Shamim now has her aspirations and the will to achieve what she wants. Now, using the income of the business as well as by taking the support of her group, she wants to purchase a plot for construction of her own house. Shamim has deep faith in her SHG and gives entire credit of her transformation to her group.

CS Pandey and PS Mohanan, February 2019.