184. (March 25, 2019) : Shanti breaks all forms of barriers

Shanti is a member of Maha Laxmi Self Help Group in Pure Dayal village of Sangrampur block in Amethi district. She joined her SHG in 2008.

Coming from the social category of Scheduled Caste, Shanti was discriminated in the society, and what added to her misery was the fact that she was illiterate, and had never been to school as the financial conditions of her family were very poor. Her husband was a daily wage laborer. They did not have a house of their own and lived in a kuccha house.

After joining the SHG in 2008, Shanti started saving a small amount each month. She gained knowledge about various aspects of agriculture, health, nutrition, rights, and entitlements. Shanti also borrowed money from her SHG on various accounts –

  1. Rs 1000 for goat rearing
  2. Rs 15000 for purchasing a cow
  3. Rs 20,000 for purchasing a buffalo
  4. Rs 50,000 for construction of her house
  5. Rs 25000 for construction of her house in second installments

Shanti has broken herself free from all the barriers, she earns for her family, She goes to the bank, the people in her village who used to discriminate against her Now, ask for her opinions in their family matters.

She is now a respected, empowered and self-confident woman.

Nilesh and Sara