61. Sheela Mourya Becomes National Community Resource Person for NRLM!

The rise of Sheela Mourya, an agricultural labourer from Bhetuva block in Amethi district from nobody to a National Community Resource Person for NRLM is an example of the phenomenal success of the SHG institutions under RGMVP in developing human potential of the women belonging to the backward and marginalized sections of the society.  This 35-year-old lady is from Tikari village in Bhetuwa block.  Before joining SHG, Sheela’s condition was pathetic. She had studied only up to 8th class and was confined to home upon marriage to take care of her two children and also another two children in the joint family. The family’s monthly income from agriculture labor used to be on the average Rs. 1500.  Even the neighbors never spoke properly to her and there was no body to support the family financially.  When she joined SHG in the year 2005, she even found difficulty for managing the monthly savings of Rs. 20.  Her first courageous step was to take a loan of Rs. 20,000 from SHG and purchase a cow, which she could repay with in one year by selling milk. The biggest jolt in her life was when her husband discarded her and left. Her SHG gave her strength to face the situation and stand on her feet. She took another loan of Rs. 20000 to develop her land and make it cultivable and started vegetable cultivation. Currently, vegetable cultivation is the major source of income in the family. She took another loan of Rs. 10, 000 for putting her two children in English medium school. SHG has transformed her life. She started providing leadership and took active role in her village organization and block organization, became a Community resource person and master trainer in RGMVP. Recently, Sheela was one of the and 11 women from RGMVP  who passed the test, group discussion and interview conducted by NRLM and NIRD and were selected as National Community Resource Persons. Sheela could break all barriers and come out successful thanks to the SHG Institutions under RGMVP.

By Nilesh Jain, Alokita and P S Mohanan, January 2019