SHG: A Great Hope

Nirmala of village Manshahpur, Muzafirkhana, is a member of Saraswati SHG. Her’s is the poorest and landless family in the village. The family has 7 members. She borrowed Rs 12000/ from SHG for the purchase of buffalo and now repaying the money from the sale of milk. Her son is selling “Chat & chowmeen” on a pushcart which he has hired on Rs 50/- per day. During the course of the family meeting, she expressed the desire to borrow Rs 15000/ again for the purchase of her own pushcart to carry out business smoothly. From these 2 income generation activities, the poverty of the family will be reduced. Nirmala has great hope in her SHG, which is functioning well. She says that SHG is of great help to her family.

– CS Pandey & P S Mohanan