Life wasn’t easy for Rajrani. Being a woman from the Scheduled Caste category, she was majorly looked down upon in the society, the financial conditions of her family were very poor. She was confined to the four walls of her house as she did not step out of her house.

In 2008, Rajrani joined the Mahadev self-help group in her village Pure Bhola of Lalganj block, Raebareli district.

“One major thing that happened after joining the SHG was that I began to save. Money is a very important thing in today’s world. Through my SHG, I learned about Financial Inclusion, I learned about the bank and its working. Now, I go to the bank and talk to bank officials without any hesitation.”

Through regular meetings and facilitated discussions, Rajrani learned about various aspects of health and agriculture.  She used the 18 days compost, jeevamrit in her field, and planted her group in the SRI and SWI technique, the procedure of which she learned through her SHG due to which both the quality and quantity of her crops increased.

Apart from gaining knowledge, her SHG also helped her in her financial needs. Rajrani took money from her SHG on various accounts –

Rs 10,000 for children’s education

Rs 15,000 for agricultural purpose

Rs 10,000 for medical treatment

Rs 20,000 for paying off a loan

“Through the help of my SHG, I have learned new skills, gained new ideas, and disseminated the same to many others in the community. It is taught in her SHG, that through sharing our knowledge increases, and I am following the same thing.”

SHG changed her. She started realizing her capabilities. She took the lead. She is the secretary of her group and joint secretary of her village organization.

Dhirendra and Sara Saad