SHG is her savior !

Malti, member of Tara SHG in Mohabbatpur village in Jagadishpur block of Amethi belongs to a very poor landless family of seven members. At the time of joining SHG, her family was indebted to the tune of Rs.10, 000 to a money lender. After coming in the group, she became hopeful of changing her destiny. The first loan of Rs. 10,000 she availed from SHG was for redeeming her loan from money-lenders.
‘ SHG is a like a family to me, it is because of the SHG that I paid all my debts ’, says Malti.
Next, she availed Rs. 20,000 loan from her SHG. She invested this in starting a small business and purchased a push-cart and opened a small food stall in Jagadishpur town which is being seen by her husband.
‘My husband is no more a laborer, but now he is a proud business owner’, says Malti.

She is regularly repaying her loan and interest to her group and only Rs. 7000 balance is to be repaid as of now. Malti and her husband, although very poor, are very laborious. SHG has given her hope and aspiration and she told that after full repayment of her existing loan, she would open a cosmetic shop with the financial help of the group in Jagdishpur town. With two income generation activities, the family members are confident to come out of poverty. Her SHG is her savior.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, December 2018