SHG Members Activate VHND Session

This particular story belongs to a village & GP named Rabdahiya, Block Trivedi Ganj CRDC, Lucknow.

On the auspicious occasion of 15th August, the village was seen observing Village Health Nutrition Day.  Some of the SHG members like Manju Devi, Foolmati and Guddi Devi from Maa Kali SHG were also present there in support of the occasion. They found that the Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery (ANM) Shanti Devi was giving TT only to the pregnant women.

During the session some of the SHG members asked the ANM’s about 5 types of ante natal checkup. To which the ANM replied that they didn’t have weighing scale at that moment and that one of their team members AWW Manju Verma was not present that day and she lived in another village, as a result they wouldn’t be able to measure the weight of PW. When the SHG members asked them for other services, the team replied that it was not a proper place, as there was no privacy, hence they wouldn’t be able to do the abdominal checkup.

The SHG members suggested to ANM’s that they would arrange someone who could bring the weighing machine from the nearby Angan Wadi Centre, they just need to call them and ask them to provide it. They also proposed that they would find a proper place for the ANC activities like abdominal check up.

Seeing the determination of the SHG members, the ANM dismissed all her excuses and agreed to do all activities of ANCs.  She also revealed and accepted that she had the weighing machine and they didn’t need to get it from anyone. They just didn’t have the blood kit, which they promised to do in the next session. To which the SHG members calmly agreed.

As a result, all the activities were properly done and demonstrated. Pregnant Women, Aarti Devi and Maya Devi said that this was the first time in the history of VHND that these activities are happening in the village and it was because of the efforts and determination of the SHG members.   (“आजु पहली दांय ई सबै जांचे भई हैं हमका बड़ा नीक लाग़ समूह केरी दीदी न होती तौ आजौ नाय होति कुछु” – आरती देवी- गर्भवती)