Shiv Kumari in  Pure Kumharan village of Bahadurpur block is a successful member of Jai Ma SHG. Shiv Kumari joined SHG in 2009. Before joining the group, the family of Shiv Kumari was in the grip of severe poverty. There are seven members in her family consisting of husband, wife, three sons, a daughter and father in law. She has less than 10 biswa of land. Her husband was working as a laborer.

After coming into the group,  she has availed financial assistance to the tune of Rs 82000 for different activities on 8 occasions as under:

  1. Rs 1000 to purchase medicines
  2. Rs 3000 again for the purchase of medicines
  3. Rs 3000 for agriculture purpose
  4. Rs 25, 000 to purchase a pushcart and utensils for  “Chat business to be managed by her husband in the neighboring market at Nahar Kothi. This business is running very well giving a net income of Rs 500 to 600 daily.
  5. Rs 20, 000 for the purchase of buffalo for livelihood through sale milk
  6. Rs 5, 000 for the education of children.
  7. Rs 5, 000 towards payment of debt to the moneylender.
  8. Rs 20, 000 for construction of the house.

From the surplus generated from Chat business, she has purchased one pump set for irrigation and one second-hand motorcycle for her husband. Now there are three income generation activities with the family i.e. chat business, the sale of milk and cultivation. Both husband and wife are very laborious and hardworking. The family has come out of poverty and she has almost repaid the loan, only Rs. 4000 are left to be repaid. Shiv Kumari is planning to open one Kirana shop also which she wants to run by herself. She is educated up to 5th class only. However, she wants to provide education to her children as much as they want. All her four children are school going. A lot of transformation has taken place in family status. She is very frank in talking with everyone and speaks without hesitation. She gives whole credit of the happiness of her family to her SHG, which is running very well.

CS Pandey and P S Mohanan, February 2019