Shivapati’s Smile of Success

Shivapati, from a marginalized Scheduled Caste laborer family, in Kapurpur village of Chattoh block, joined Suraj SHG six years back. Her family owned a negligible three biswa land. Once she joined SHG, she could borrow money from SHG and start farming on land taken on lease. Since then, agriculture became an occupation of the family and she could enhance her status from an illiterate laborer to a farmer. She took small loans from SHG and invested in a cow and also a small shop nearby. The shop with an initial investment of Rs. 3000 has grown and presently she has items worth Rs. 20, 000 in it and earns average Rs. 250 a day from it.  She has three daughters and one son and all children are going to school. The eldest girl is now studying BA and wants to become a police officer. Shivpati has purchased a plot of land in her name and a small house also has been constructed. She attributes her progress to her SHG. She has broken the barriers that women of her lot face in villages of Uttar Pradesh.  She never thought that she could go to a bank. All that are now things of past. Her views and decisions are important in the family and her husband always consults her. There is a smile on her face!

P S Mohanan  January 2019