Shyama Devi, is a successful woman of Sri Ganesh SHG in Ramdeipur village of Bhetua block in Amethi district.  Shyama belongs to a very poor family having 7 members, comprising of her, husband, four daughters and one son, all living in a kuchha house. She has just bigha land. The family used to depend on moneylenders for any emergency. She joined the group in 2008. After coming into SHG she has availed following financial assistance from her group:

  1. Rs 5,000 for the education of children
  2. Rs. 10,000 for the purchase of sewing machine for daughter in law
  3. Rs. 10,000 for establishing kirana (provision) store
  4. Rs. 10,000 again for expanding provision store
  5. Rs. 20000 for construction of the house
  6. Rs. 20,000 again for completion of the house

Thus, she has taken cumulative financial assistance of Rs 75,000 so far on six occasions from her SHG. She has three income generation activities at present i.e. agriculture, tailoring, and kirana store. From the income generated out of these activities, the family’s economic condition has improved. There is a lot of transformation in the life of family members.  Shyama Devi says that her family is out of poverty. She is an illiterate housewife but now she can put her signature instead of thump impression. She was a woman of very hesitant nature but now she can talk before everyone. Her all four daughters and son are school going. With the needed assistance from the group, she has constructed her residence of two rooms. She is one of the evidence of RGMVP’s belief system that the poor illiterate village woman has the innate ability to come out of poverty.  Empowerment of at least one woman of the family can change the social and economic condition.  SHG has given Shyama Devi courage, hope, and positive thinking and all the more the desire to educate the children. She is able to lead and influence the family. She gives entire credit of her happy life to her group, which is satisfactorily operated.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, February 2019