Sita comes out of Poverty


Sita is a successful SHG woman of Yaad SHG in Sagarh block, Amethi district. She is an example of the successful poverty reduction process of RGMVP. Before joining SHG she was very poor. Sita is illiterate but after joining the group she learned to sign. The SHG opened a way for her economic mobility. She availed loans from SHGs on five occasions and invested successfully.
Her first investment was Rs 5000 to start “Chat ” business. Next, she availed Rs. 10, 000 to start a tea stall. After repaying the loans, she took another loan of Rs. 20,000 from her SHG and opened a sweet shop. Next loan of Rs. 30,000 was for investing in a freezer and start cool drinks Shop. Once income generation stabilized, she took another loan of Rs. 50,000 to purchase land for construction of on shop premises.Currently, her husband is taking care of the restaurant in Kamla Nagar market in Sagarh in small rented premises paying rent of Rs 1300 p.m. She has started construction of shop on the land purchased. Daily surplus from the restaurant is Rs 400 to 500, which will further increase after the restaurant is shifted in her own shop. The family has come out of poverty. There are 5 members in this family (husband, wife and 3 children) all the children are school going. She is very happy and says that her family has come out of poverty by taking desired and timely assistance from her SHG.

P S Mohanan and C S Pandey December 2018