Sita comes from a small village of  Ambara Parisham in Lalganj Block, District Raebareli. She joined her group in 2010. Nine years into the group she never knew her life would change so drastically.

Before joining the SHG she like most of the woman in her village she was too bounded to the four walls of her house. Her husband being disabled couldn’t contribute much to the family. She did not have enough money to send her children to school.

She joined the SHG in 2010 when Rajpati, one of Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana community resources went to her village and formed the group. She did not have money to save, but she joined the group seeing other sisters of the village join it. Then she started saving small amounts and started contributing to the group. She joined the group, but soon her husband asked her to leave the group saying its all a scam. She still was a part of the group secretly.

“Once, when my son was severely unwell and we had to take him to the hospital no one gave us any money, it was only through the SHG that I withdrew Rs 1500 and took my child to the hospital. It was then that my husband realized the importance of my self-help group”

Since then Sita has withdrawn money on various occasions. She borrowed Rs 10,000 and opened a shop of her own. She also purchased a got and took Rs 5000 for the same, She again took 5000 for agricultural purposes and another Rs 5000 for construction of toilet. She repaid all the money back to her SHG.

Now, she is a confident, independent woman who has her own shop, she sends her children to school, uses 18 days compost, Jeevamrit in her fields due to which the productivity has increased. In the last 9 years, she developed excellent leadership and communication skills. She has learned the making of 18 days compost and taught many others. She is a seed producer and an agricultural resource person in RGMVP. She is a social capital.

Sara Saad