Smt Mamta of Jai Gurudev SHG, Chaksunda village of Harchandpur block in Raebareli was very poor before joining SHG in the year 2009.  There was no work for her husband, no income worth mentioning from the onebigaland the family owned and they had five children to feed! Yet another shock was her husband becoming differently abled due to a serious accident and not able to go for any other work than tending cattle, etc. It was a time of great discrimination for women for about many things, who had to remain within their homes and under purdha.  It was the SHG that changed her condition. After joining SHG, her first enterprise was to buy a Jersey cow.  In the first lactation itself she earned Rs. 39,000 through sale of milk. Next she went for a buffalo for which she took a loan of 25,000 from the group. She also took a loan of Rs. 40, 000 to help her brother who wanted financial support for settling in life. Her husband was helping her in her dairy activity. She borrowed Rs. 85,000 in two installments of Rs. 25,000 and 60, 000 from her SHG to complete her house construction. All her children are studying and her elder daughter is a member of a YWSHG. For Mamta, SHG is her Goddess.  It is from the SHG that she derived her will and determination. She has come up as an active resource in Harchandpur block and currently providing leadership as a Community Resource Development Team Member.

P S Mohanan, January 2019