I am “Somari Devi” of Diuliha Maniya Chhapagram panchayat and the purwa is Karmah, in Ramkola block in Kushinagar district. I joined SHG named Garib Mahila four years back. I am happy nowadays but when I remember the obstacles and the terror created by my Husband and in-laws on joining of SHG I pray to God no woman should go through these kinds of sufferings. They did not want me to step out of the home and have an identity of my own.

I managed anyhow to contribute to my savings in SHG, and secretly attended the SHG meetings. Sometimes my husband has beaten me up when he heard my attending the SHG meetings. I falsely convinced him that I am not in SHG.

After some months, my husband went to some city to earn a living.  I started enjoying my SHG activities. First I took some amount and kept one shop and after some months I bought one buffalo. Both of these activities gave me big support. By selling the milk, I started earning a handsome amount and returned the loan taken for SHG with interest. I did not inform all these to my husband ever over the phone.

When he came back after a couple of years and saw one WELL RUNNING SHOP AND A BUFFALO in front, he was quite surprised. I narrated the whole story and said to him that he need not have to go anywhere for earning a living. “Stay here and assist me”, I told him. He felt ashamed and even apologized.

I have four children.  With the assistance of my SHG, my younger daughter is studying in class 9 and I have established my eldest son with a shop of Bike repairing.

I am Happy.

Pankaj Srivastava, February 2019