Story of Hope and Change – Urmila

Urmila Devi, a member of Nand Baba SHG lives in Thauri village of Jagdishpur block in Amethi district. A lot has changed in Urmila’s life after joining the  Self-Help Group. There are 8 members in her family, including a son and two daughters. Urmila says that providing the best education to her children is the utmost priority in her life that is the reason why she has enrolled all her children in school. The financial support from the group helped her a lot.  In total, she has taken loan four times from her group. First and second loans are of Rs. 3000 and 2500 respectively which were for medical emergencies in the family. The third loan of Rs.10,000 was for opening a cosmetics shop at Thauri market. She runs the shop by herself. She has also taken a loan of Rs. 5000 for starting a pan cum general store which is currently being run by her husband. Together they earn about Rs.400 – Rs.500 per day. Since both the shops are running in Thauri market, there is further scope for expanding these activities. The Self Help Group has helped the family and given them support in the time they needed it the most.

CS Pandey and P S Mohanan December 2018