64. Success Story of Meera

Meera is a member of Vikas SHG in Bainti Kalan village of Bikapur block in Faizabad district. This was a very poor family of 7 members with 15 biswa land before coming in SHG. Before joining SHG, she was a woman of shy nature not even able to speak to others. After joining the group she availed financial assistance of Rs 50000/- from the group on 3 occasions as under:

  1. Rs 25000 for establishing a furniture shop for her husband.
  2. Rs 15000 for the purchase of a generator
  3. Rs10000 for the purchase of lighting items.

Her son runs the business of providing generator and lightings on hire for functions in villages.   Both the establishments are running properly giving daily earning of Rs 700/-to 800/-. The family has finally come out of poverty. Though she is educated only up to 5th standard all her 5 children are school going. Her husband supports her in all her activities. She has proved that the woman of the house can also bring information and inspiration to the household. The entire family is happy now, giving whole credit of uplifting it to the SHG, which is well functioning.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, January 2019