I 213. (May 08, 2019):  Sudha Devi’s enormous change:  

Sudha is a member of Deepak self-help group of Chandrika purwa in Mohanlalganj block of Lucknow district.

“I come from a family whose occupation has always been that of labor. The wages earned were used in purchasing food which would feed the family, sometimes the wages were not enough which resulted in no food. My husband used to work as a Carpenter in someone’s else shop.  There were times when there was no work and my husband used to go far in the city, to at least get some money to feed the children. We were accustomed to a lot of hardships.”

April 2017 was the day that brought a difference in Sudha’s life as she joined Deepak Mahila self-help group. Sudha started attending meetings, and took part in training and facilitated discussions, she also started to save monthly. Sudha took money from her SHG on various accounts –

Rs 4000 from which her husband started constructing wooden planks

Rs 25000 for purchasing a Randha machine for speeding up the construction work

As a result of which they have now customers who give them orders for doors, windows, wooden beds, etc.

“My 5 children died, the cause of which was only lack of awareness.  After joining the self-help group I got full knowledge on health-related topics and what to eat during pregnancy and what precautions should be taken. I learned about how to take care of the newborn, and how to give KMC. Today I have 1 child who is very fit and healthy, the financial conditions of my family have also improved drastically. I owe all the credit of my success to my Self-help group..”

Sara and Ankit