I 250. (July 31, 2019) : Sukhwati: Has 3 sources of livelihood:

Sukhwati comes from a small village of Kanchangadh, Shukul Bazar block of Amethi district.

Sukhwati comes from a very poor family. Her husband is a daily wage laborer and she used to work in other peoples field. Having 4 children with no running income it was very difficult for her to provide them with necessities like food. The children did not go to school.

“The conditions of my house were such that there were days when we slept without eating. The people that we worked for were so corrupt that they did not use to pay us despite making us work.”

Sukhwati joined Data Ram self-help group and that’s when her life changed. Regular weekly meetings and training garnered Sukhwati’s confidence and paved her path towards change and success.

She took money out of her SHG on various occasions –

1. Rs 2000 for purchasing a Cow
2. Rs 20,00 for purchasing a Buffalo
3. Rs 1000 for paying the fees of daughter
4. Rs 10,000 for opening a shop of Samosa

Sukhwati repaid the loans by selling milk and vegetables. From having no source of regular income to now having three sources of livelihood Sukhwati came a long way.

“I owe my success and change to my self-help group. It gave me another life. A life full of confidence, respect, and independence.”