Suman is a member of Ganga Maiya self-help group, in the village of Purvpidor in Sattawn block of Raebareli district.

Suman belongs to the category of Scheduled caste, with poor financial conditions. Earlier, Suman led a very difficult life she did not have a house of her own, her children did not use to go to school. She did not step out of the house. No one knew her.

Once, during rains her kuccha house fell, She bared a huge loss, but no one helped her or her family.

Suman joined her self help group in 2013. She started saving Rs 50 every month. After a year of her joining she took Rs 1000 from her SHG and purchased a goat. She sold the offsprings of the goat in Rs 7000. She took money on various occasions –

Rs 5000 and purchased a Cow

Rs 5000 and purchased a Buffalo

Rs 2500 for engine

Rs 3000 for opening a shop

Rs 30,000 for putting husband into sales mechanic

“After my husband broke his leg in an accident at his workplace, there was no one to help us, that is when I took charge and took money out of my SHG, and set my husband into a sales mechanic.”

Suman has now transformed into a person who has created employment not only for herself but also for her husband. She has more than one source of livelihood, her children go to school, She voluntarily is the treasurer of her SHG and President of her Village Organisation. Suman is now an independent, confident and empowered woman.

Dhirendra and Sara