Suman is a member of  Santoshi self-help group of  Deeh village, Maharaj Ganj block, in Raebareli District. She joined her SHG in 2012. She belongs to the OBC category and has studied till class 10th.

Life wasn’t easy for Suman as she had no source of livelihood, her children did not go to school and she did not have a house of her own. She was under the purdah and did not step out of the house. “I was so shy that I wouldn’t even talk to the people near my house, I used to remain indoors.”

After joining the SHG in 2012, through meetings and discussions Suman garnered both knowledge and confidence. “It all started with giving our introduction in the meeting. Initially, I was so shy that I used to sit at the back so that I could avoid the introduction, but later, I saw other sisters in the SHG talk and put forward their problems, that’s when I gained some confidence and started to speak. Since then, there is no stopping by. Now, I even talk to people who come from foreign countries. I’m not shy anymore.”

Apart from information and confidence building, Suman also gained financial support from her self-help group. She took money from her SHG on various occasions –

  1. Rs 5000 for agricultural purposes
  2. Rs 1000 for installing water machine
  3. Rs 1000 for paying children’s fees
  4. Rs 1500 for purchasing a cow
  5. Rs 3000 for the marriage of daughter
  6. Rs 2000 for opening a shop

Her journey and transition from a woman who was so shy that she did not talk to her relatives and neighbors to a woman who now talks to bank officials and people from other countries, she has come a long way. Suman’s story is a story of change and success.

Dhirendra and Sara