Sumitra is a successful member of Jai  Hanuman SHG in Barai ka purwa village of Musafirkhana block in Amethi district. She is educated up to intermediate. As a woman, she faced lot of discrimination. There are seven members in her family. This poor family is having less than two bigha of land. Her SHG was formed in 2012. After joining the group, a lot of transformation has take place in the family status and Sumitra has come out of poverty. She has taken following loans from her group:

  1. Rs 3,000 for agricultural inputs and purchase of medicine.
  2. Rs 10,000 for opening a wayside restaurant on Musafirkhana- Amethi road. Her husband is running this. For this purpose she has taken a room on monthly rent of Rs 1,000. Restaurant is running well with income of Rs 400 to 500 daily.
  3. Rs 20, 000 for purchase of buffalo for sale of milk.
  4. Rs 20, 000 for construction of house.

There are three income generation activities with this family at present, i.e. agriculture, sale of milk and restaurant. Family members are now happy with remarkable change in their social and economic status. All three children are getting education in good school. Sumitra is a change agent, inspiring and guiding other SHGs of the village.  Her husband extends full support to her in performing social work. She said that this change was possible only because of her SHG.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, March 2019