70. Sunita breaks limitations and becomes a skilled Micro Entrepreneur

This beautiful handicraft product is coming out of the humble surroundings of village Mendora in Kachhauna block of Hardoi district. It is the result of the skillful art of this village woman named Sunita. She is a member of a very poor household in the village with a very small land holding.  Pooja SHG in which Sunita is a member provided her the opportunity and environment to bring out and develop her skills, become a micro entrepreneur and bring out an artistic product. It is an example of how RGMVP creates the right environment and as a consequence, the women catch the opportunity.  It is the consequence of breaking barriers through the SHG system.

Sunita Says, “I joined my SHG called Pooja in the year 2015. I am a poor woman and I joined the group stealthily as my husband did not allow me to participate in such activities. When he came to know about it, he beat me and harassed me a lot. Despite that, I used to participate in SHG activities and continued to save. Once my husband needed about Rs. 3000 for irrigation and purchase of inputs for wheat crop in our small farm.  Nobody in the village was ready to lend him money and when he returned home disappointed, I told him that I could help him if he was ready to repay in installments. He was surprised and agreed. I was confident that my SHG sisters would help me. The group gave me loan of Rs. 3000. My husband was very happy and he used the amount for his agricultural activity. We repaid the loan in installments and my husband got convinced in SHG. Thereafter he never objected to my going for regular SHG meetings. It is during this time, I got training in making dalia (a sort of bin). I took a loan of Rs. 2000 from the group and started making dalias. With this investment, I sold dalias worth Rs. 10000, thus making a neat surplus of Rs. 8000, as the benefit of my skill and labour. I repaid the loan with interest. Now I have enough working capital and as the materials needed are less costly, I can carry own my enterprise with out any immediate loan.  The bins I made were assessed as of excellent quality and I started getting orders. Since I have sufficient order, I am engaging some more women in the village in making dalias.”   

Ankit Kumar and P S Mohanan, January 2019