188. (March 28, 2019): Sunita Devi creates employment for her family

Sunita Devi is a member of  Jai Ganesh self-help group, from Jokhwa village of  Barkhani block in  Shravasti district.

Before being a part of the SHG, Sunita had no source of livelihood and the financial conditions of her family were very poor due to which she couldn’t send her children to school. Shortage of money also led to her mother in law’s demise, as they could n’t provide her with proper treatment during her illness.

15th June 2017, was the day when Sunita’s life took a major turn as she joined Jai Ganesh, self-help group and worked as a treasurer. After joining the group, she started to attend meetings through facilitated discussions and training gained knowledge about health, agriculture and rights, and entitlements. A habit of saving also developed.

After 6 months Sunita took money from her SHG –

Rs 2000 and purchased a pipe for irrigation, which she started giving on rent.

Rs 15,000 and opened a shop of shoes and slippers

Rs 30,000 and expanded the shop

“Right now my daily income is around Rs 800-Rs 900, the financial conditions of my family have improved drastically, my children have been enrolled in good schools. With the help of RGMVP I have reached places which I never imagined, people recognize me and come to me for advice.”

RGMVP helped her realize her inner potential and provided her with a platform to develop her leadership qualities, Today she is volunteering as an Internal Social Capital in RGMVP.

Ankit and Sara.