Belonging from a marginalized committee, Sunita never thought that one day she would have a house of her own. From living under the veil of unawareness, ignorance, and dependence, Sunita has now transformed herself into an independent, empowered woman who earns for her family. Sunita joined Muskaan self-help group in the year 2013.  6 years into the SHG, she has gained knowledge and acquired skills in various fields of agriculture and health.

“I was sitting in my shop when one sister came and told me about Self help group and how it can change my life. As the conditions of my family were not good, and the shop I had was barely working I decided to join the group. I joined it secretly without letting anyone.”

Coming from a small village Mahadeva in Pharenda block of Maharajganj District, what added to her misery was that she was uneducated. Becoming a part of the SHG, she received knowledge on various topics of financial inclusion, leadership, agriculture and livelihood, health and nutrition.

She borrowed money from her SHG on several occasions. She took Rs 4000 for investing in her shop. She took  Rs 10,000 and started the work of food grains. She again took rs 45,000 and opened a washing center. She took a cumulative loan of Rs 2 lakhs in different stages and started the wholesale work of foodgrains.

“Right now, I have 3-4 sources of livelihood. 3 of my children go to school, 1 daughter is in her BA final year and 1 in Second year and now I voluntarily work as a CRDI health, I attend meetings, training, workshops, travel alone to different block and districts, formed self help group in different villages, all because of my self help group, I’m eternally grateful to it and will continue to be a part of it.”

Sara Saad