Sunita comes from Bhatanihar village from Dalmau. She is a part of Bhageerati Self Help Group. Sunita joined her SHG in 2011, she was appointed as the treasurer of her group. Now, she works as CRDI health (Community Resource Development Institution).

“Earlier, I did not step out of my house, as women who stepped out of their houses were considered to be bad. My husband did not allow me to join the group. I got an opportunity to work as ASHA but he did not even allow me to do that. I joined the group secretly, and started to attend meeting as my husband used to work out of the village. I gained a lot of information on agriculture and health. In 2014, I started working as Swasthya Sakhi”.

After joining the self-help group, Sunita took money out of her SHG various times. Initially she was very scared so she took a small amount of Rs 2000, for her household work. She repaid back the amount within 3-4 months; she again took Rs 5000 and purchased a goat. Currently, she is having 3 goats of her own. She sold one of the off springs of the goat at the cost of Rs 10,000. She again took 15000 as her husband fell ill (for operation), with Rs 30,000 she opened a grocery shop for her husband.

“My husband was never in favor of me joining the self-help group, but when money was required for his operation, no one helped except for my SHG and my SHG sisters. It is since then that he realized the importance of my SHG. I’m so grateful to my SHG, as it had stood there with me in my times of need. Now, my 4 children go to school, I have various sources of livelihood. I’m so happy with my SHG, that I also made my daughter a part of the Young Women Self Help Group in our village.”

– Sara