Smt Sushma belongs to Rachana SHG in Laxmi Village Organization in Salon Block of Amethi district. Like any other women, she was afraid of loans. However, SHG membership and meetings changed her. She learned to fully utilize access to credit through SHGs. She has taken loans from SHG multiple times to improve her family condition. She took loans more than ten times for various activities.

  1. Her first loan was Rs 500 for meeting the cost of agricultural inputs. Subsequently, her SHG became her bank for agriculture. She has taken a cumulative loan of Rs. 1, 30,000 for agricultural operations till now.
  1. She took a loan of Rs 5, 000 for goat rearing (unit of 3 goats). So far she earned about Rs. 40,000 by sale goats. Currently, she has 5 goats.
  1. She availed a loan of Rs 25, 000 for the purchase of two buffalo heifers which grew into buffaloes and calved. She sold one heifer of Rs 9000 and one buffalo of Rs 13,000 and she still has one buffalo in her house.
  1. She availed Rs. 2, 50,000 for releasing the mortgage of six bighas of lands which they had mortgaged to a moneylender.
  1. She availed Rs 30, 000 loans for the marriage of her daughter.

In this way, she has taken a total loan of Rs 4,40,000, repaid all except Rs 15000. She is very happy as the economic condition of her family improved.

KS Yadav, March 2019