Smt Tara Devi is a successful woman of Krishna SHG in Soochi village of Salon block in Amethi district. She belonged to a very poor family having 15 biswa land and 5 members. Prior to joining the group, her husband was working as labourer and the family was facing acute poverty. The only source of income was the wages he earned as a lobourer.  After coming in the group, Tara, the woman of the family paved the way for the economic betterment of the family.Her first step was to purchase a she buffalo by availing Rs. 20000from which the family started earning by the sale of milk. Encouraged, she went for a second buffalo by taking another loan of Rs. 30,000. Her next enterprise was setting up of a vegetable shop for which she availed Rs. 5000 from her SHG.This shop in Soochi market is now well developed and providing a net income of RsRs. 250 to Rs. 300 daily. She focused on children’s education too by taking a loan of Rs. 5,000. From the twoincome generation activities i.e. sale of milk and vegetable shop, the family’s daily earning is between Rs 400 andRs. 500

SHG of Tara is more than 10 years old, which was started from a monthly saving of Rs 20 per member. Now with the increase in corpus to the extent of more than Rs. 90, 000 group members have stoppedutilization of bank loan for inter-lending and instead they are utilizing their own corpus. Family of Tara Devi has come out of poverty and family members are happy. Tara is educated up to high school standard and her children are getting education in better school. Her daughter Arati is student of 11th class and also member of anYWSHG. She is helping other groups of the village. Tara attributes her family’s transformation to her group in which she has tremendous faith.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, February 2019