88. Tara Devi’s Success

Tara Devi is a member of Laxmi SHG in Alapur village of Kalakankar block in Pratapgarh district.  She was from a very poor and landless family of 7 members. After joining the group about three years back, Tara took financial assistance of  Rs 25, 000 from her group and started two income generation activities i.e. goat rearing by herself and electric items shop in Alapur market by her husband. Now the electric items shop is well developed showing stock worth more than Rs. 1.00 lakh at present. Husband is an electrician and is normally engaged in wiring and repairing of electrical items and the eldest son assists him in running the shop. Tara takes care of goats. She is also cultivating one bigha land on batai (oral lease) basis. Daily family income comes to more than Rs 350.

There is visible transformation in the life of the family members and the family says that they are no more considering themselves as poor. Tara is an illiterate housewife but after coming in to the SHG, she can now sign her signature instead of putting thump impression. She got courage to do all these things because of her SHG sisters. She has proven that even illiterate woman can productively contribute to the family’s development given the right recognition and opportunity. Everybody has potential and the SHG can unfold it. Her all four children are school going. She is very much attached to her group.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, January 2019