Urmila is now non-poor

Urmila is a successful woman of Jai Swamibaba SHG in Sawanagi village of Bhadar block, Amethi district. This poor family of 5 members was living in a thatched house, surviving on returns from 1.5 bigha land (about an acre). Due to lack of capital, this existing land was also not being cultivated productively. After joining the group, she has taken cumulative assistance of Rs 45, 000 from her group for different activities on 4 occasions as under:

  1. Rs 3000 for the education of children
  2. Rs 10000 for farming activities
  3. Rs 22000 for the purchase of a second-hand motorcycle for the husband who carries different kinds of vegetables from Sultanpur Mandi for retail selling in the neighboring markets.
  4. Rs 10000 for the purchase of pushcart for selling the vegetables.

From the income generated from vegetable vending and farming activities, she has constructed a small two-room house.  Her husband has recently opened a tea stall on the roadside. Her son looks after the vegetable business.

From the three income generation activities i.e. vegetable shop, tea stall, and farming, the family is earning Rs 500/- to Rs 600/- daily. The family has come out of poverty, which is visible from the living standard of the family members. Urmila is an illiterate woman but after coming in the group now she can write her name.  Her SHG has given her a sense of security, socially and economically. The family is happy. All due to Urmila’s empowerment through her SHG!

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, January 2019