I 244. (July 18, 2019) : Sonu shows agriculture and allied activities help reduce poverty: 

Sonu of Bhuraha village of Sangipur block in Amethi belonged to a poor agricultural family. She has 6 members in her family i.e. husband, herself, a son, a daughter, mother in law and father in law. She has three bigha of land. After joining the SHG named Saraswati, she focused to improve her agricultural activities. She has taken following financial support from SHG:

  1. Rs 15, 000 towards installation of bore well in her field. Now she is irrigating her own land and also the farm of neighboring farmers taking reasonable charges.
  2. Rs 2, 000 for meeting cultivation expenses.
  3. Rs 10, 000 for construction of cattle shed
  4. Rs 10, 000 for submersible pump.

Now she also has one buffalo and two buffalo heifers. After installation of boring in the filed, she started growing cash crops in her field. From the two income generation activities i.e. sale of buffalo milk and Agriculture, rapid change in family condition is noticed and the family is out of poverty. Her leadership qualities improved. She has studied up to intermediate and both her children are school going. She is treasurer of Village federation of SHGs and helping other SHGs. Sonu is very happy and attaches very high importance to her group, which is running well.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, July 18, 2019